Design Rochester Wants to Ensure DMC Grows Smartly

Created: 12/10/2013 6:06 PM KSTP.com
By: Katie Eldred

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- With DMC, Rochester is due for many changes. But one Rochester organization is hoping to make sure that change happens in the right ways.
Design Rochester is made up of area architects, engineers, and city planners.
Many have watched Rochester transform in last thirty years including Lindsey Meek an area engineer.
"All of the things that have been accomplished, especially in the downtown area, are nothing short of incredible," said Meek.
She is hoping to be a part of the team that makes sure the changes ahead for the next thirty years are done right.
"We can add a new flavor to it," said Meek.
Meek is a board member of Design Rochester. The group that formed nearly two years ago, is hoping to offer their expertise to city planners.
Director Adam Ferrari says DMC has only added to their mission.
"Growth is not the problem, it's just how and where," said Ferrari.
The idea is to look at the design aspect when it comes to all types of development.
"Design thinking is a tool for the city to help problem solve," said Ferrari.
That means thinking of new ways to build roads, sidewalks, and buildings. It would require staying ahead of the development to come.
"I think the fear that I have is that were not intentional about the planning for the growth," said Ferrari.
Their website feature views of what the city could look like with added design skills.
It's an idea of what you could someday see in Rochester.
"I'm excited to look back in thirty years and go we were there at the beginning of this, and look how much we've accomplished," said Meek.
If you would like to check out some of the ideas and projects Design Rochester is working on, we've posted a link to their web site, here.