Around 600 Jumpers Brave Frigid Temps in the Polar Plunge Today

Created: 12/08/2013 11:09 PM KSTP.com
By: Sean Boswell

(ABC 6 News) -- "Last year was 50 degrees," said Polar Plunge Coordinator Dalena Barz.

Sunday afternoon wasn't quite so warm for the jumpers at the Polar Plunge in Clear Lake.

"15 below even worse," said Toys for Tots Coordinator Ernie Martinez, speaking of conditions the event has had in the past.

Half the proceeds from the event go to Toys for Tots, and the other half to make a wish.

"To be in the ice water for a little bit of time, it's all worth it," said one of the jumpers.

"When we've had cold temperatures before, we've had people who don't anticipate to jump in and the get caught up in the excitement and will register and jump," said Barz.

The event in Clear Lake started 16 years ago. Four people jumped that year, more than 600 did Sunday.

"Some of them dive under the water, some submerge, some dive in a few time then run out," said Martinez. "It's hard to get them outta the hot tub."

Polar plungers braved frigid temps in Clear Lake Today