Local Man Selling Lifelong Book Collection

Updated: 12/10/2013 3:24 PM
Created: 12/08/2013 11:00 PM KSTP.com
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 News) -- Imagine collecting something your whole life, then realizing, you just don’t have enough room. That's the reality for one Chatfield man who's love for books can be counted by the thousands.

"All my life, I can't remember when I didn't read,” said Ed Jackson of Chatfield.

You could say Ed Jackson is a bit of a book worm, "I probably started when I was five or so, so that would make it 70 years,” said Jackson.

The result of 70 years of collecting hard cover books has taken up every inch of Ed's basement walls, “I'd say about 4,000 books,” he said.

He's got books of all genres coming from all different eras, "I have anything from the classics like Jane Austin, Eydith Warten,” said Jackson. To contemporary literature like the Twilight Saga, "I’ve got several of the Harry Potter series,” said Jackson.

But it's a collection he says is taking up too much room, and when selling them on eBay didn't work out. Ed decided to open his own book store out of his basement. His new store called Famous Books is a way to share his passion with other readers.

All of his books are in alphabetical by author, and while it takes work to keep his collection easy to browse for customers, "It's always something to rearrange, keep it fresh and keep it dusted,” said Jackson.

Ed says it's work he loves doing, and for his wife of 50 years, "We didn't have quite this many,” said Ed’s wife Helen Jackson. She doesn't mind the books stacking up over the years. "He picks out books for me that I probably wouldn’t have picked myself,” she said.

A collector turned bookseller who can pick up almost any book in his collection and explain its story, is someone many fellow readers are happy to buy from.

"I just love books, and I like to share them and introduce them other people to them,” said Jackson.

Famous books has only been open for about a week. For those readers interested, the store is open Wednesday through Sunday from now until Christmas. Ed says to watch for ads for hours after Christmas or call anytime for private appointments. You can contact Ed at 507-250-4826 or during store hours at 13947 117th St. SE, Chatfield.

Ed Jackson of Chatfield is a true blue bibliophile.