Posted at: 12/03/2013 9:10 PM
By: Sean Boswell

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New Stewartville Fire Station Completed

(ABC 6 News) -- A new fire station in Stewartville is set to open within the next week. The facility is bigger and looks like it's going to make response times quicker while keeping workers and community members safer.

"We're covered for a long time now," said Stewartville Mayor Jimmie-John King.

King says the people of Stewartville will be very happy with their new $1.8 million fire station.

"It's gonna be a safer more usable environment," said Fire Chief Steve Wolf.

The fire fighters were once putting on gear next to trucks, weaving through parked cars and worrying about being hit on the head. The new facility will have more space and the structure is set to hold firm

"The roof trusses were delaminating and actually starting to sag, and some were in fear of potential collapse," said Stewartville City Administrator Bill Schimmel. He said this fear is what prompted the project four years ago.

"The other facility was to the point of major, major, major renovations and part of the building was over 50 years old," said King.

King says there was also issues with air quality and ventilation in certain areas the old building. The new facility is not only safer for the volunteers who serve there, but will also help protect the community better.

“The space to get at the different pieces of equipment should accommodate a safer and then hopefully a more quick and efficient response," said Schimmel.

Around 80% of the community supported a referendum for the facility, which will also serve as an emergency shelter.

"This will last us years and years and year into the future," said King.

The city is hoping to have a community event such as a ribbon cutting in the spring, according to King.