Another Wet Stretch, Halloween Forecast

The next 72 hours hold another soggy period of on again, off again rain.  It all begins tonight.

A strengthening storm system is gathering itself over the Four Corners region and is sending a few waves of rain our way.  Note a nearly stationary front situated to our south near the IA/MO border.  That front brought us the cooler temperatures today.  Cool enough (middle 30s) we'll have to watch for a couple snowflakes that try to enter with those showers tonight.  Even if they're seen, they shouldn't cause a problem.

Similarly cool temperatures will be expected (40s) on Tuesday, but that front gets on the move northward on Wednesday (7pm pictured below) and should throw some warmer air our way. 

Timing it out is rather difficult, but one time period we are watching for our most significant rain will be Wednesday afternoon.  That's when the heart of the storm comes closest.

Tonight: Mostly cloudy, slight chance for rain showers, a snowflake mixing in. Lows in the middle 30s. Wind: E 10-15 mph.

Tuesday: Cloudy.  Chance for scattered rain, especially in the morning and again building in towards evening. Highs in the lower to middle 40s.

Wednesday: Cloudy, with rain likely, especially in the afternoon and evening.  Chance for thunderstorms. Highs in the upper 50s.

Halloween: Partly to mostly cloudy, with scattered light showers, ending around sunset. Highs in the lower to middle 50s.

A big part of that forecast is Halloween as all the kids are primed for some candy action.  The consensus from the Storm Tracker 6 Weather Team is that it shouldn't be too bad.  Rain (complete with a little of that orange stuff in the pic below) should be on the exit, if not completely out of the area by sunset, so no need for the poncho over the costume.  Highs, as mentioned above, are expected in the middle 50s a few degrees above the 51° average for October 31stI'd expect temperatures to dip into the upper 40s by sunset, trailing back as the night progresses. 

All said in the three day stretch from tonight through Thursday night, current trends are pointing to just over 1" of rainfall... again a good chunk of that coming Wednesday evening.

Storm Tracker 6 Chief Meteorologist
Chris Kuball