A Chilly First Day of School

Last week warm & muggy conditions sent some school districts already in session in Iowa home early.  For the first day of school in Minnesota, a completely different story.  As anticipated in last Wednesday's Post, cooler weather infiltrated the area for Labor Day weekend.  This morning saw the coolest numbers with 40s returning.

For Austin, it's the coldest readings since the mercury dropped to 36° on May 13th (ironically the May 14th's high was 99°)  For Rochester, it was the coldest reading since hitting 43° on June 3rd.

Are these marks rare?  Not quite.  We were still several degrees away from record lows.  In fact we saw 40s pop up across the area a handful of times in all of the summer months; June, July & August.

It doesn't look like it's fall's revenge just yet.  A look at the jet stream tells a tale of warmer conditions ahead.  Over the weekend a troughing over the Great Lakes states kept us cool.

But now that trough is lifting ever so slowly in favor of ridging over the middle of the country.  And ridging wins out for at least the next four days.

A blocking pattern, noted by an omega block in the jet stream (notice how the blue line makes a less pronounced shape of the greek letter Ω), will slow up our progressive, 'normal' west to east wind pattern.  Meaning, we are going to see warm conditions during this stretch.

Another side effect of the pattern in it's current setup means slim chances for rain for the rest of the week.  Below is the Weather Prediction Center Forecast for rainfall over the next 72 hours (Thru Friday Evening)

However by the weekend there are some signs that a bit of much needed rain may be coming our way.

Storm Tracker 6 Chief Meteorologist
Chris Kuball