Posted at: 07/23/2013 8:56 AM
Updated at: 07/23/2013 10:16 AM

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2013 Olmsted County Free Fair Now Open

(ABC 6 News) - Your favorite fair food is back this week for the Olmsted County Fair.

Some people come to check out what's in the barns.

"We like to watch the horses, and check out all the little animals," said Teresa Nicholas.

Others like it for its tasty stuff on sticks.

"I like coming out to eat junk food," said Amanda Van Guilder.

And some people come for the rides.

"Something high that spins a lot and makes me scared," said Nicholas.

At the Olmsted County Fair there are plenty of new things for everyone to get excited for.

Fair president Terry Leary says one of the fairs new features can be found in the dairy barn.

"We have a brand new milking parlor where people will be able to sit and watch the through viewing windows while they are milking cows and the milk goes through the system," said Leary.

New this year, there is also a visit from the reptile zoo with alligators on display. Also new  the Olmsted County Sheriff's department and the Rochester Fire Department will be holding demonstrations.

There is always a new little one to be found at the petting zoo.

"We have a brand new baby white camel only ten weeks old and we have goats that were just born," said petting zoo owner Wally Zerebko.

The new food items this year include a buffalo burger and peanut butter jelly on a stick.

No matter your reasons for coming to the fair there is something for everyone.

"Just the sense of community all the people together, it’s just exciting," said Nicholas.

Admission to the fair is free. It runs through Sunday.

There are plenty of special events going on all week. Click here for a complete schedule.