Posted at: 04/22/2013 10:41 PM
By: Steph Crock

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Rochester Native Plays Cello at Boston Memorial

(ABC 6 News) -- A memorial service was held in Boston for one of the bombing victims. Lu Lingzi was one four people killed during the events last week. Those at Boston University, her family, and people across the nation gathered in her memory.

We spoke to a Rochester family whose son performed at the ceremony. They watched as their son Joshua played the cello. He was also at the race that day, and his parents struggled through his performance knowing he could've been the one killed.

"Joshua text me and said,  'I'm ok, have you seen the news?'" said Bruce Rohde. That text meant everything to he and his wife Nancy. Their son was at the race, just a mile from the bombings. "He didn't know whether he should run toward it and help, or run away in fear," said Bruce.

Joshua is a student at Boston University, right down the road from the finish line. Lu Lingzi was a BU student too. She was killed in the blasts. "To put yourself in their shoes, it would be awful to be in that situation," said Nancy.

That's all the Rohde’s kept thinking as they watched the 24 year-old’s memorial Monday, their son on stage playing the cello. “Just to see him play and be a part of this, and to be emotional for the family," said Nancy.

Joshua has been playing since he was three. “Music is such a part of our life in celebration, in daily living, and certainly, in times of sorrow, and grief," said Bruce.

“He plays with his heart," said Nancy.

His family was honored their son could share his gift to those who need it most right now. "To have him play his cello tonight was very good for him and I hope it was good for Lu Lingzi’s family also," said Bruce. They hope that, even if only for a moment, their son could help her family heal. "Hopefully it brought them peace and comfort," said Nancy.

Speakers at the ceremony included some with the university, Lu's cousin, and even her father. He had a very emotional speech talking about Lu's love for food, education, and life.