Betsy Singer

Betsy SingerBetsy Singer joined the ABC 6 News team in July 2009 as the 5:00 news anchor.

A native from the Winona area, Betsy says she's thrilled to be given the opportunity to connect with viewers in an important and personal way.  "People watch the news and really care about what's going on in their communities.  And I want them to know that I'm not just delivering the news, I am part of their communities and the news that affects us."

Betsy has worked as a reporter and anchor in newsrooms in Mississippi, Wisconsin, Florida, Tennessee, and Minnesota.  She has been one of the area's most popular anchors for the past decade, winning many awards and recognitions for her work.  Betsy recently taught a media program at a Christian high school in Rochester and start up a faith-based Internet ministry for a local Christian radio station.  She is active in many civic and charitable causes, most notably with the developmentally disabled.

Betsy is married to Ken and together they have two "sweet and mischievous" little boys, Connor and Caden.

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