Quotations in the News

By The Associated Press
Created: 05/05/2016 2:23 AM

"The spirit, the essence of America lies in the hearts and souls of us. Some missed this message. It wasn't sexy, it wasn't a great sound bite." — Ohio Gov. John Kasich, announcing that he is suspending his presidential campaign, which failed to gain traction with GOP voters in a race dominated by Donald Trump.


"I will not rest and I'm going to make sure that the leaders at every level of government don't rest until every drop of water that flows to your homes is safe to drink and safe to cook with and safe to bathe in." — President Barack Obama, visiting Flint, Mich., where lead contamination forced residents to spend months drinking, cooking and bathing with bottled water.


"The view from the air is heartbreaking." — Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, after a flight to survey the wildfires that have torched 1,600 homes and other buildings in Canada's main oil sands city of Fort McMurray.

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