Parking Problems Persist at MN State Fair

Updated: 08/24/2014 7:02 AM
Created: 08/24/2014 11:00 AM

(KSTP) - With more than a million people coming to the Great Minnesota Get Together, traffic can get pretty crazy. And parking? That can be even more stressful. The state fair parking lots fill up quickly; however, there are other, unofficial places to park where some people prefer to leave their cars.

KSTP caught up with a group of boy and girl scouts helping collect money for parking on Saturday. With 80 spots to sell in the church parking lot and a 12-day fair, the parking situation offers a major fundraiser for the children. "Our founding pastor had given the parking lot to the boy scout troop so they can earn money to go on their camping trips," the troop leader said.

The scouts aren't the only ones looking to make a buck from the fair's hottest commodity. Businesses and homeowners rent their pavement and their lawn. While they aren’t regulated by state fair officials, some people even prefer parking in one of these alternate makeshift lots.

Kirsten Kalamanski says she does it every year. "Parking in someone's lawn is a tradition that my Dad and I have done,” Kalamanski said. “So I sent him a text, the Kalamanski tradition lives.”

Police warn drivers to be careful, saying it's important to make sure the person who takes your money has the authority to let you park. Otherwise your car could be towed, or worse. It happens to a few people every year. No matter how careful you are, police say, if it isn't official fair parking, there are no guarantees.

Photo: KSTP/45