Mayo Clinic Holds Annual 'Sib Shop'

Created: 08/14/2014 6:58 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) -- This is the fifth year Mayo Clinic has held a "Sib Shop" for kids. They have them two times a year, the one Thursday was at Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch.

It’s a time for kids, ages 6-13, to come together with other siblings who have a brother or sister with special needs or a medical condition. They were out there taking their mind off of things by zip-lining, singing, and dancing with peers who are going through something similar.

There were almost 50 kids at the ranch Thursday, and those with Mayo say it keeps growing each year. Not only because the kids enjoy it so much, but because parents appreciate the opportunity for all of their kids to feel special.

"A lot of times, due to the special needs the other siblings may have, or how many times they have to visit the hospital, there isn’t enough time just to take time out of the day to focus on that sibling, and so that's what we're doing here today, and the parents truly appreciate it," said Jenn Rodemeyer with Mayo Clinic.

The event has been so successful that Mayo Clinic is adding a “Teen Sib Shop” as well. For more information contact Mayo's Child Life Program at (507) 255-4091.

Photo: ABC 6 News