Dry July Over, Looking Towards August

In the weather world, it is rare to see a week like the one we just came through – a week where the weather hardly changes. Almost every day brought with it the chance for a shower or storm but only a few select locations saw the rain and temperatures stayed right around average. Unfortunately, after a relatively dry week our precipitation deficit for July and the summer began to grow causing more and more brown patches to show up on area lawns.

The month of July ended with a precipitation deficit of 2.32” and even with a very wet June, our summer has begun to show a precipitation deficit of its own.

Even with precipitation for the summer below average, both Minnesota & Iowa stay drought free continuing a trend that began at the beginning of June.

Our chance for rain does increase with the next week ahead. Almost every day brings with it a chance for showers but most of these will stay very light. At this time, Tuesday brings us our best chance for soaking rain but that has continued to trend drier.

And looking ahead past the next 7 days, the National Weather Service is expecting precipitation slightly above normal. Good news for farmers and gardeners needing some more water.

Even with focus on precipitation, a note on our temperatures so far this year. After a very cold winter and a summer that has stayed consistently at or below average our average temperature for the year is one of the coldest we’ve seen to date.

Justin Thompson-Gee
Storm Tracker 6 Meteorologist

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Expires: 10/28/2016 7:51 PM