Warmest Day of Summer. Does it Last?

Updated: 07/21/2014 9:17 PM
Created: 07/21/2014 8:58 PM

The heat this summer has really been lacking.  Fresh off a start to July that was rather lackluster when it comes to heat with only three days at or above normal temperature-wise, today we made it the warmest day of summer.  And still, we're yet to reach 90° at the Rochester International Airport.

We've had a few afternoons that have rivaled air temperatures observed today.  Several locations made it to 88, even that seemingly elusive 90 mark was reached in a handful of communities.  86° in Rochester, the official climate station for SE Minnesota, matched the previous (and still current) high mark for the year that occurred back on May 30th.   

Today we had our first real taste of humidity for the season.  Peak heat indices from across the area were commonly pegging 95-99° thanks to dew points elevating well into the 70s today.  The last time the area had comparable feels-like temperatures was  back on September 9th of last year.