Finding Relief in the Hot Weather

Created: 07/21/2014 7:05 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- Monday was the hottest day of the summer and certainly the most humid. Hundreds were out in our area visiting popular places to beat the heat.

For some it was too hot, “we were at the skate park and we couldn’t take the heat,” says 14 year old Collin Wilson who isn’t a huge fan of the heat.

But for others it was just hot enough like Angela Drescher taking advantage of the beach on Fountain Lake in Albert Lea, “I prefer heat over cold but there’s a little breeze today and it’s just perfect to get out and about.”

Everyone was taking advantage of local watering holes to cool off. The Austin municipal pool had three hundred swimmers in just the first two hours after opening, “it was just one of those days where you’ve got to come down to the pool and swim,” says Wilson.

And the Albert Lea swimming beach welcomed a steady stream of those burying their feet in the sand, “well it was a hot day, wouldn’t want to sit home, so we wanted to enjoy the beach, the nice weather, and we’re going to hang out with some friends today,” says Drescher.

A few teenagers took advantage of the nice weather at the Albert Lea skate park conveniently located next to the beach, “then like if it gets too hot, we’ll just cool down at the beach,” says Francisco Guerrero as he does some tricks on his scooter.

A lack of hot weather this summer brought plenty of people outdoors on Monday, “this year it is our first time at the beach, the kids have been wanting to come out so we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and get out and enjoy it,” says Drescher.

Even though we haven’t felt temperatures like these in quite some time many still remembered how to stay safe in the hot weather while still enjoying it, “just try to stay indoors, but you have to get outside as much as you can,” says Wilson.

But not everyone was able to have fun in the sun. Construction workers were one of many professions working while others were relaxing. And we checked on our long lasting snow pile in Austin which has now completely melted. Good luck with the heat, Monday is day one of two.

Photo: ABC 6 News