Hottest of the Summer Possible

It was just a week ago that we were talking about the possibility for record breaking cold. This weekend the story is much different, with a heat blast (possibly the hottest of the summer) moving our way for the beginning of the work week.

So far, this July has been fairly cool, a trend that we have been dealing with this entire summer. Here is a look at high temperatures so far this year. Notice that only a few cities have officially reached 90º!

Only two days in July experienced above average temperatures: July 6 & 7. Every other day in July has been below average. Pay close attention to the green line in the graph below showing average temperatures. Notice that little dip at the end? Today, July 19th, is the first day where average temperatures begin to cool.

But that’s not the case this July 19th! Just when temperatures are supposed to cool they are beginning to warm. Here’s the set-up. A low pressure to our north and a weak high pressure to our west will allow a surge of warm, moist area to move its way northward.

That low pressure will bring with it a chance for rain both Monday morning (slight chance) and most of Tuesday (likely chance). Temperatures will be greatly impacted by any rain showers and clouds that develop. More clouds/rain during the middle of the day means cooler temperatures. At this point high temperatures on Monday & Tuesday are expected to reach the upper 80s with a few isolated 90s possible.

Winds out of the south will not only bring in warm air, but also very moist air. Dew points are expected to rise into the middle 70s, making for miserable conditions.

Temperatures in the upper 80s and dew points in the middle 70s will combine to push heat indices or the feels like temperature into the upper 90s, possibly even 100s (the hottest it’s been all summer)!.

Remember, when feels like temperatures rise this high, avoid excessive outdoor activities and make sure to hydrate. Our hot air doesn’t last too long with relief quickly approaching by Wednesday and lasting through the end of the week.

Justin Thompson-Gee
Storm Tracker 6 Meteorologist


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