Cool Blast Update

Your Storm Tracker 6 Weather Team has been talking about a blast of cold air for the past couple days. You can read initial thoughts and the reason why the cold air is coming in our last Storm Tracker 6 Weather Blog. So here is an update on what we are expecting the next few days and a check on records that may or may not be broken.

It doesn’t look likely that any record low temperatures will be broken through our cool stretch, but we will come close in a few cities. Here’s a look at average, forecast and records for Monday’s low temperatures.

What does look possible is the record breaking or tying of record cold high temperatures. Last week Tuesday looked like the best day for this to occur with high temperatures in the middle 60s. Now the forecast for Tuesday looks warmer with highs right around 70º and Monday looks to be the best day for record tying or breaking temps.

We will keep a close eye on clouds and winds which have an impact on temperatures for any variation of the current forecast.

Beyond Tuesday, some warmer air begins to stream in but we are still dealing with some chilly mornings. Here is a table looking at all of the records for each city for the next couple of days.

Our Storm Tracker 6 Seven Day Forecast is below showing our current forecast. For those of you wondering where the 90s are, we are about a month behind schedule for when we typically see our first 90º day. Early weather model indications show that warmer weather should stick around next week, but the 90s stay away.

Justin Thompson-Gee
Storm Tracker 6 Meteorologist