Food Shelf Donations Matched During July

Created: 07/09/2014 6:56 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- It's a grant program designed to help Minnesota food shelves meet their need.

And it comes at a good time.

"I'm not sure I know a lot of people who spend five thousand dollars a month on groceries. In many cases, we do," said Captain Jim Brickson at the Albert Lea Salvation Army.

“A lot of these low income people, they need this extra bit of food we can give them to just get through pay day to pay day," said Army volunteer Jacqueline Anderson.

And this is a time of year when the resources of the food shelf are drained even more.

"20, 25 percent, sometimes even more increase during the summer is not a  very uncommon situation," the Army’s Jim Brickson said. “The meals during summertime go up because the kids are home, they're not provided for at school."

But during the month of July, a matching grant from "Open Your Heart" aims to help meet that summertime food shelf demand.

"It's dollar for dollar up to five thousand dollars," Albert Lea’s Captain Jim Brickson said. “Every year we have budget shortfalls, so now we can gain back five thousand dollars in some of the areas we lost money in."

And since food shelves can often purchase at wholesale prices from supermarkets or  get it through organizations like "Channel One".

"Our dollar stretches so much better when we get these cash donations," Captain Jim Brickson said.

And for those who need the food, that's important when the shelves are empty.

"They need help and they need help now. they don't need it next week. They can't wait for that," said Albert Lea Salvation Army volunteer Jacqueline Anderson.

Photo: ABC 6 News