First 80º Day in a Long Time

Most of the cities in our viewing area hit 80º earlier this week, but for Rochester (the official climate station for SE Minnesota) today was the day!

This was the first time Rochester International Airport hit the 80º mark since September 27, 2013 which means we had 240 days between 80º days.

Now, if you are doing some simple math in your head you may have realized that here in southeast Minnesota we spend nearly 2/3 of the year without temperatures hitting 80º. That is exactly correct and isn’t abnormal at all. When looking at climate data, only 54 days each year have an average high temperature of 80º or above. Our average 80º days start June 20th and end August 12th.

Even though the first average high temperature at 80º doesn’t start until June 20th the average first occurrence of 80º is May 3rd meaning we are 22 days behind.

If you like the 80º weather than you are in luck with six of the next seven days with highs at or above 80º!!

Justin Thompson-Gee
Storm Tracker 6 Meteorologist