Zach Eggers

Created: 05/21/2014 6:45 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- "I call him our spark plug," Chatfield baseball coach Brian Baum said.

Zach Eggers has helped make the Gophers go since his freshman year.

"He has a good glove. He has a good feeling; knows the game well, very coachable. Just has lots of tools," said Baum.

Baum calls the now-senior Eggers every coach's dream.

"If you watch him play, everything he does he plays really hard. If it's a routine ground ball, he busts his butt to get to the base. If it's from first to third, he goes hard. If it's going from station to station, he goes hard. I love how he plays the game," said Baum.

But it's been a tough road for Zach.

"I was at the plate swinging and went on the follow through and it just popped out of place and tore my labrum," said Eggers.

He spent the summer after his junior season sidelined from his summer team and went through weeks of physical therapy so he could be ready for his senior season.

"I wanted to comeback healthy, play better than I did last year, just be the leader on the team," said Eggers. "I'm the leadoff hitter. I've been on base quite a bit; playing small ball and moving runners over when I have to."

Not only is Eggers the leadoff hitter, Coach Baum says he's been the vocal leader the team needs as well.

"Leadership qualities are kind of few and far sometimes with these high school kids, so when you get those kids you really cherish them and enjoy them," said Baum.