Zach Hillman

Created: 05/14/2014 10:34 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Zach Hillman is his name, but the Lourdes baseball team knows him as Wheels.

"His speed is what sets him apart from a lot of other lead-off hitters," Lourdes head coach Dan Herold said.

"That's what my job is - get on-base, whether it's walks or hits or whatever I can do. We've got great hitters behind me to hit me in," Hillman said.

So far this season, the middle infielder is batting .481 with 25 runs scored and 21 stolen bases.

"He's one of our captains, as a junior, which is an impressive thing," Herold said. "Frankly, his defensive skills probably outweight that of his offensive skills."

"We all have to be on the same page, obviously, and whether that's me or one of the other guys, we have a lot of good leaders," Hillman said.

"He takes all of the signals from the bench, and makes sure the kids are in the right spots, and he's got great range," Herold said.

Hillman has another season to go, but he's already thinking about college ball.

"I've talked with some colleges to see what I can get out of that," Hillman said. "I would be interested if the opportunity presents itself."