High school football teams excited to play on turf

Created: 05/08/2014 10:45 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Triton high school is going the way of the Metrodome.The Cobras are about to install artificial turf on Wally Hitt Field.
"It's a neat project, and hopefully, it brings some value to our school district," Triton football coach and athletic director Don Henderson said.
Triton is just the latest area high school field to get turf. KMTelecom Stadium in Kasson has had it for three years.
"Throughout the summer, it's used for different activities," Kasson-Mantorville football and baseball coach Broc Thrienen said.
"My statement during this entire process has been, 'If we're doing this just for football, that's not a good enough reason. Don't do it,'" Henderson said.
Henderson says the new turf drains up to seven inches of water an hour, so it will come in handy in April and May.
"We're going to have a softball field on it, and looking at the spring we've had this year, we may have been able to get in four or five more games that we've postponed," Henderson said.
"Baseball and softball have been out there, so we've had baseball, softball, and then track kids running around us. It's been awesome," Thrienen said.
"Our physical education classes will use it," Henderson said. "Our elementary teachers have asked, 'What's in it for us?' How many days do you not go outside for recess because it's too wet or too muddy? Take (the kids) down there."
"Another thing is injury prevention. You don't run into holes (on the turf), and everything's clean and nice," Thrienen said.
If the Komets football schedule is any indication, turf is here to stay.
"I think we only play two (of our eight) regular season games next year on natural grass, so it's pretty crazy," Thrienen said.
As for Triton, they hope to start the facelift after Memorial Day.
"We'll find ways to use it," Henderson said.