Wet Weather Done (for now)

We just came through a very wet stretch of weeks where we barely saw the sun. Saturday ended the stretch as the only completely dry day in one week and the second dry day in two weeks. Over the past two weeks, Rochester has picked up 3.66” of rain. That amounts to 37% of the total rainfall Rochester has picked up this entire year - 37% of rain in 11% of the time!

We just finished a top 10 wettest April with 5.64” of precipitation. So far in 2014 we have picked up 9.72” of precipitation – over 2” above the average.

With so much rain coming so quickly you may be wondering why there wasn’t widespread flooding. The answer lies in the ground. Our influx of precipitation coincided with a warmer period so the soil has been consistently thawing. As of the latest frost reading on May 2nd, the ground is completely thawed. This means the majority of rainfall went into the ground.

Some rainfall did run off into area waterways causing a few of them to run high. One of those that ran the highest was Turtle Creek in Austin where the river crested at 7.86’ on Wednesday, April 30th. This was enough to put the creek into a flood watch by law enforcement causing them to check the creek gauges more frequently which I had a chance to ride along on and you can watch the story here.

The first half of the next week stays fairly dry with only a shower or two possible. By Wednesday & Thursday rain chances ramp up with a good chance for thunderstorms.