Warmest in 6 Months!!

Today was the warmest day in 6 months!!! Temperatures in the western half of the viewing area reached or surpassed 70º. In the eastern half, temperatures were still the warmest since October 11th in the middle 60s.

Even though we made it to the warmest levels in 6 months, it did not come easy. Winds were gusting as high as 40 mph!

So the question begs, was this just a tease or is there warmer air to come? Unfortunately, the answer is not one you want to hear. A cold front moves through tonight which cools temperatures slightly but still above average for Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Then our unfriendly arctic high makes a return which brings the return of temperatures 10-15º below-average.

Beyond that, it does look like temperatures stay below-average for the next few weeks. This map by the National Weather Service shows below-average temperatures for the next 14 days.

Our cool down does come with one bit of good news, it stays relatively dry. The bad news: the one wet day brings with it a chance for snow…

Justin Thompson-Gee
Storm Tracker 6 Meteorologist