When Does the Snow Go (Away)

When will the snow finally melt?  When will it finally be Spring?  When will it warm up?

These are all questions I've been hearing a lot lately.  Believe me, we are right on the cusp of breaking free from the cold and snow.  We've seen some promising days lately with temperatures moving well into the 40s, even 50s in our western areas one day.  The snow pack has gone from 25" back on the 5th to only 3" as of Wednesday. 

Along the way, we've dotted in some minor snows, but we've avoided anything to add to the pack.

While it's 3" in Rochester, there are many places that are bare.  Take a look at the following map from the National Weather Surface with a better depiction of actual snow cover across the area.  In those bare areas, have been where we've spotted the warmest temperatures as of late.


Snow pack has a huge influence on the air temperatures.  Check out the difference of Wednesday's Highs across the area.  Upper 30s in the areas with still some snow on the ground, to the middle 40s in areas that are snow free.