A Mom Speaks Out Against Anti-Bullying Bill; Other Legislation Discussed This Week

Created: 03/09/2014 10:53 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- According to a non-profit aimed at bullying prevention, one in seven students has been involved in bullying in one way or another. More than half of all students have witnessed it.

As we've reported the proposed "Safe and Supportive Schools Act" is a controversial bill that would require schools to better investigate all cases of bullying and train teachers to spot and prevent bullying.

Some people say this is what's needed to end bullying.

Others, like local mother Alicianne Fritz believe the proposed bill is too much.

She says, "Instead of reacting and over reacting to a failed school, I would prefer that schools get together that have been succesful and look at it not just in the school district, but how did the community come together."

Frizt did go on to say that she believes a new bill is needed.

"Stamp Out Bullying" SF 2411

Another anti-bullying is being introduced by Rochester's Senator Carla Nelson.  But this bill is proposing a law that would "see locally driven policies and not a state-driven, unfunded mandate."

Senator Nelson says school leaders, teachers and parents have all expressed support for the bill. The Minnesota Association of School Boards has also given its support to this bill.

HF 2552 and HF 1994

And two other bills are going to be discussed at the State Capitol this week. The bills tackle the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and cameras by law enforcement.

House File 2552 is a bill that talks about regulating the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, like drones.


The other bill, HF 1994, on the other hand talks about banning law enforcement from using aerial cameras to gather evidence and use it for searches.


Those who oppose these bills have raised concerns about privacy, safety and security breaches if these unmanned aerial machines are used.

A local mother speaks against the controversial anti-bullying bill.