Warmest in Months!

After what has become known affectionately by Minnesotans as the “Worst Winter Ever”, we are long overdue for a warm-up and it has finally arrived! Today was the first snow free Saturday in two weeks and the warmest Saturday in 6 weeks!

The bad news is that today was still about 10º below-average. The good news is that today will be the coldest day over the next week! Temperatures continue their upward trend all week, passing 40º on Monday for the first time since November 30th, 100 days!

If you are wondering if that is a record number of days between 40º, the answer is no, but it does crack the top 5. 100 days between 40º days will place 2013-14 in 4th place since records have been kept. (Graph courtesy of NWS La Crosse)

If the warmer temperatures weren’t enough to get you excited, there is only one day with a chance for precipitation this week. That arrives on Tuesday when a chance for rain and snow moves our way. Still a bit too early to determine exactly what falls where or amounts, but we will be tracking things closely.

Side note: Don’t forget to “spring forward” tonight before you go to bed! I know we lose an hour of sleep, but the sun sets an hour later giving us more time to enjoy the warmer weather!!

Justin Thompson-Gee
Storm Tracker 6 Meteorologist