Large Snow Pack

As we shared in the last Storm Tracker 6 Blog, this has been the coldest winter in three decades. But snow wise, this winter has been nothing special. Our snowiest snowstorm came January 18th where 4.1” of snow fell.  Even though we haven’t had any large snow storms, smaller snow events have been very consistent. Through the month of January we saw more days with snow than dry days (16 of 31).

Consistent snow events have allowed us to stay right around average for seasonal snow fall with 29.2” reported through February 2nd.

Cold temperatures have allowed snow to pile up with about 14” of snow currently on the ground in southeast Minnesota.

One of the reasons snow has piled up is our cold winter. Although melting can occur on cold days with sunshine, we don’t see widespread melting until temperatures reach 32º and above.  In January, only 7 days reached 32º, but on some of those days temperatures only stayed at 32º or above for an hour or two. In total, January only saw 42 hours of temperatures 32º or above.

Nonetheless Minnesotans really know how to enjoy a large snow pack!

Denniece G. in Austin, MN.

Jennifer M. in Rochester, MN

Justin Thompson-Gee
Storm Tracker 6 Meteorologist