Another Arctic Blast Moves Our Way

Today was beautiful! Lots of sunshine as temperatures rose into the 30s and 40s! Average high temperature for January 19th is 23º in southeast Minnesota and 25º in north central Iowa, putting our highs today 10º to 15º above average!

Hopefully you had a chance to enjoy our warmer weather because temperatures are going to take a drastic dip over the next few days. Monday is our transition day with temperatures dropping all day. Don’t be deceived by temperatures in the 20s when you wake up, because they will likely fall into the single digits by the evening commute.

Although not quite as cold as our arctic chill two weeks ago, low temperatures will be well below-zero for most of the upcoming week. The meteorological set-up between this week’s cold blast and the one two weeks ago is very similar, but the jet stream will keep us just a touch warmer.

On Monday the jet stream begins in southward push allowing arctic air to flow quickly into Minnesota/Iowa.

By Tuesday the jet stream completes its southward trek. As you can see below, the jet stream is located just west of the viewing area separating cold arctic air in the east from seasonable air out west.

If the jet stream was located further west we could be looking at temperatures rivaling those from January 6th, but that slight kick eastward will keep us just a touch warmer, but still very cold. The Storm Tracker 6 Forecast shows lows in the teens below-zero and highs in the single digits either slightly above or below-zero Tuesday through Thursday.

Justin Thompson-Gee
Storm Tracker 6 Meteorologist