Man Claims Woman Robbed Him at Rochester Hotel

Created: 01/16/2014 11:09 AM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- A Pennsylvania man staying in Rochester is missing ten thousand dollars in cash that stolen from his hotel room, after meeting with a woman from

According to Rochester police the 54-year-old man from Shawnee on Dell Pennsylvania had been staying at a downtown hotel and had spent three nights with a woman from the website.

On the third night the woman had left, but then called down from the lobby saying she had left her keys in his room. He met her in the lobby to return the keys.

When he got back to his room a bag of his that was filled with a computer, a tablet, and $10,000 in one hundred dollar bills was gone. The man believes the woman set him up in order to have someone else steal the bag.

Police say the man only left the room for a very short period of time. Police have yet to locate any surveillance video of a suspect.

The man told police that he had that much in cash because he is an avid poker player.

The woman from us described as a white middle aged woman about 5’6” in height weighing around 130 lbs.

The man did not say why the woman was visiting him, but is often used by police to arrest prostitutes and their customers.

Photo credit: MGN