Karina Skov

Created: 01/15/2014 6:34 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Standing just 5-foot-2, Karina Skov has been Alden-Conger's starting point guard for three years.

"My job is to get the outlet and push the ball up the court," Skov said.

That's just one small part of it. This year, she's added a whole new aspect to her game.

"She's never been a real prolific scorer, up until this year, when she's really found her offense and really started to put the ball in the basket," said Knights head coach Jenny Hovendick.

"This year, I've really liked the threes. That's been exciting because that's never been a part of my game before," said Skov.

Earlier this season, Karina hit five 3-pointers in one game.

"She made in one game more 3-pointers than what she made all of last year. It's fun to watch her shoot the ball with confidence every time it's in her hand," said Hovendick.

As a two-year captain, she feeds off high pressure situations.

"She wants the ball in her hands at crunch time. She's willing to take big shots for the team," said Hovendick.

And if you had a few minutes to talk to her, it doesn't take long to see that she genuinely cares about her teammates.

"I just try to be everyone's friend. I like to know what's going on in my teammates lives. We're all very close friends and I think that's what helps us on the court a lot," said Skov.

Off the court, Karina is president of Student Council and  the National Honor Society. She is also the yearbook editor and plays in the band.

But there is one thing Karina will tell you she's not very good at.

"In the locker room, my team does a lot of dancing. We do a lot of dancing and a lot of singing. That's how we get ourselves going. Dancing's not my forte, I just like to be loud and be rowdy, and they get the dancing going," said Skov.