'Lone Survivor' Depicts Military Mission that Killed Local Solider

Created: 12/21/2013 10:44 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 News) -- It’s coming to theaters in January. The movie ‘Lone Survivor’ is based on a failed military mission in Afghanistan back in 2005. For one local family, the movie hits a little too close to home. We sat down with the father of one of the soldiers who died in that mission and says he can't bring himself to watch it.

The movie is based on a true story. Four Navy SEALs in the mountains of Afghanistan trying to track down a Taliban leader. When the Taliban strikes back, the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment is called in for backup. The helicopter with eight Navy SEALs and eight Night Stalkers was then hit by a rocket propelled grenade. All 16 on board were killed, as well as three on the ground. Leaving one soldier alive - the lone survivor.

For Don Goodnature of Clarks Grove, it's not just a movie. His son Corey played a vital role in the real life incident in 2005.

"That day I think he was probably in the co-pilot seat just doing the planning for the mission,” said Don Goodnature of Clarks Grove.

Corey Goodnature was the flight lead pilot of that aircraft. He and his crew responded to the challenge that day because that's what they do. Their job is to save special forces, even if it means risking their life.

"It's such a tragedy for us that it's something you don't want to relive. To talk about it is fine, but to go back and get the detail that's something you don't really want to do I guess,” said Goodnature.

Don says he doesn't plan to see the movie that recounts his son's death, "It just hits too close to home,” he said.

But he's honored that the bravery and dedication of Corey and his fellow soldiers will be seen by many, "It's just something people won't forget and it will be part of history I guess,” said Goodnature.

The ‘Lone Survivor’ movie is adapted from the bestselling book that was published in 2009.