Light Snow Followed by a Cold Blast

Snow is on the way for the late on Thursday.  Enough is on the way it should cause a nuisance for the Friday morning commute.

A rain/snow combo may great us at the get-go in the afternoon, but it should remain light.  The main timeframe we are watching is for Thursday night, especially around midnight.  By then, the temperatures will have cooled sufficiently for the atmosphere to support all snow and that's when the best forcing moves through the area.

It will be swift.  We're only looking at about at 6-9 hour window across the entire area for the bulk of this activity.  It should wind up before sunrise on Friday too.  As it exits, we're eyeing amounts up to two inches on grassy/elevated surfaces.  Don't take the numbers below as absolute truth but generally the lighter amounts will be seen across NE Iowa.

A look at other computer model runs are hinting at similar marks.

Initially snow will melt on contact which will cause for wet roadways, but as Thursday night progresses, temperatures will be slipping allowing for refreezing on roadways.  The Friday morning commute will likely be slowed a bit.  Be sure to check road conditions before venturing out.

The other big story is a drastic dip in temperatures for the end of the week into the weekend.  A series of cold fronts will steadily take temperatures downwards locally.  The first arriving on Thursday, the second Saturday as shown in the link.

You can see the cold air taking form to our northwest, in Canada and Alaska.  The leading edge currently sits as close as North Dakota.

The coldest will be Sunday morning.  This particular computer model (below) is showing temperatures in the single digits by midnight Sunday.  Temperatures by day break will be even colder than what's shown below.  Throw in a fresh coating of snow and winds that will be relatively light, temperatures may be even cooler than what's forecast.  We'll take it one step at a time.

At this point.  here's how I see temperatures unfolding.  It's one of those fun slides you see at the carnival or fair!

In case you're wondering about records, we're not quite down to those levels yet.  -11° is the record for Sunday morning, set back in 1893.  The average low for this time of year is 22°.

Storm Tracker 6 Chief Meteorologist
Chris Kuball