Posted at: 11/05/2013 7:57 PM
By: Katie Eldred

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Snow Coming Only 6 Months After it Left

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- It's only been 6 months since the last time we saw snow. Making our spring, summer, and fall especially short this year. 

That May 2nd snow fall of more than 12 inches across the area was shock for many. People are still feeling the effects from that spring snowfall.

With snow that toppled trees and power lines, May 2nd 2013 will be a day that many will never forget. Mainly because it left so many unprepared with no way to dig out.

"We had everything, all of our stuff was down in storage and we were ready for spring, we had to scramble that morning to get everything put back together," said Tim Puppe.

Puppe is with Better Lawns and Shrubs Snow Removal in Rochester. He says unlike the last snowfall they will be completely prepared for the next one.

"We started about two weeks ago, pulling plows out and hooking up the skid loaders and taking out snow blowers and making sure everything works, all of that kind of stuff," said Puppe.

They are not the only ones prepping for winter.

"Just got to get snow blower parts, getting ready for the snow," said Conrad Lawrence.

Lawrence knows that in Minnesota, where it can snow 12 inches on May 2nd, you've got to expect the unexpected.

"We’ve got to prepare for winter, you got to prepare for anything no matter what," said Lawrence.

While Tim Puppe and crew are prepared professionally for the next winter storm.

"I feel like it could snow today, but I hope not, not for another month or so," said Puppe.

With snow in May, personally this year, spring summer and fall were just too short.

"I guess it’s part of living in Minnesota," said Puppe.

After all during the last snowfall we were sitting on the patio which was supposed to be filled with people enjoying the sunshine. But like the plows and other businesses, restaurants won't be taken off guard by the snow. They've pulled their patio furniture inside. Another sign that winter has arrived.