Posted at: 11/05/2013 7:20 AM

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Election Day: Voters to Decide on Several Local Issues

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Voters across the country will cast their ballots Tuesday.

From minimum wage to gambling, even a marijuana tax. One of the more obscure votes is in Colorado.

Ballots in 11 counties will include whether or not people want to continue living in the state, or form their own. It needs U.S. Congress approval though so it's not likely to pass.

There's two big governor races as well. Chris Christie is expected to cruise to victory in New Jersey. But in Virginia, it's a much closer race between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Ken Cuccinelli. McAuliffe has been using the problems in Washington to his advantage.

There are several big mayoral races across the nation including New York, Boston, and Miami.

There are some big issues facing local voters.

Several communities, including Albert Lea, Austin and Stewartville are asking voters to approve school levies.

Races for mayor and city council will be decided in Mason City, and Charles City.

As for local referendums, in Austin, today's vote would extend the current referendum. The twist is taxes would go down.

It's the same situation in Albert Lea, where people will vote to extend their current referendum with lower taxes.

In Owatonna, a yes vote revokes theirs. The new referendum is worth $870 per pupil. The big difference is taxes would go up an average of $69 per household.

We're also tracking the future of the Mitchell County courthouse. The $7.2 million bond would tear down and replace the century-old building.

Members of the Mitchell County Historic Preservation Association and Friends of the Mitchell County Courthouse held a rally Monday. They're urging people to vote no.

County officials say the bond is the cheapest option. If the bond passes, county supervisors will decide a date for demolition.

ABC 6 NEWS will be tracking results throughout the day on air and online.