Still Dry, But Rain Due on Saturday

There isn't a lot of it noted in the forecast but at least it's something.  A rain chance Saturday is the lone highlight in the forecast.

Moisture returning on strong winds Thursday/Friday will likely lead to rain as a passing cold front moves through during the day on Saturday.  It's looking more and more likely Saturday is the day for rain, from about sunrise to sunset.

Will there be thunder?  It's not looking too likely as instability looks non-existent.  So this go around will be a good ole' fashioned rain, light to moderate showers most likely.

Early indications for amounts look to be honing in on the 0.50" area from most computer models.  The forecast from the Weather Prediction Center in the Saturday timeframe is similar.

Our dry streak continues, short almost two inches of rain compared to normal for this month, short over seven inches since July 1st.  Every little bit helps at this point, meaning this rain is a bright spot in the forecast.  And in the week ahead, that's the only rain chances.  Looking at days 6-10 from the Climate Prediction Center, our precipitation chances look to be below normal which will likely lead to worsening drought conditions.

Storm Tracker 6 Chief Meteorologist
Chris Kuball