Summer Ends & Autumn Arrives

Summer has come and gone and autumn has arrived. Summer started wet at the end of June, but then the precipitation fizzled and the season ended 2.64” below average. This also allowed drought conditions to creep back into Minnesota & Iowa after a number of drought free months. Temperatures during summer were fairly average. Warmest temperature recorded was 92º and coolest was 42º.

Fall is a transition season as temperatures move from warm to cold, precipitation becomes less frequent and snow eventually returns. The first day of fall’s average high is 69º and by the time we end the season on December 20th that average temperature will fall to 26º, a 43º drop in 3 months! Throughout the entire fall season we can expect to receive 5.99” of precipitation above half of what we see during a typical summer.

Probably the most shocking weather item to return to autumn is the arrival of snow. Don’t get too worried just yet, out of the 14.58” of snow that falls during an average fall most of it arrives during December. We will typically see our first snowfall and first measurable snow during the month of October becoming more frequent during November and December.

Autumn is usually a favorite month for many due to the change in color. Your Storm Tracker 6 Weather Team wants to see your fall color pictures and show them on our newscasts starting Monday, September 23rd. Send your pictures to or post them on our Facebook page here.