Summer...What Summer?

I'm sure many of you are asking the same question that the title of this blog states, what summer? It's hard to remember that we started out feeling like summer with afternoons in the 80s, even a few made it to the lower 90s once we made it into July, but our recent cool down makes it easy to forget that.


So far this year, we have only had 4 days with highs of at least 90°, down from the 14 we saw last year. In fact, we had a stretch of 6 days in a row of 90°+ heat from July 1st through the 6th in 2012. We have a stretch of pretty impressive numbers this year, from August 7th through the 12th, our afternoon highs did not climb out of the 70s, making it 6 days in a row where we did not reach the 80° mark! We may even add a couple more days to that stretch this week.