Posted at: 05/26/2013 9:43 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

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Boston Runner's Resiliency at Med City Marathon

(ABC 6 News)-- A record number of runners made it out to the Med City Marathon today in Rochester. It was the first marathon in our area since the Boston bombing.


For one local runner, it was her first marathon back since she ran the Boston Marathon just more than a month ago.


For Maureen Jones, the Med City Marathon brings back memories.


"It's a special place for me being that I took a class and learned how to run marathons in Rochester and this is where I did my first one," said Maureen Jones.


This is the 21st marathon she's ran in and Maureen says running is part of who she is. But Sunday’s marathon also reminded Maureen of some not so happy memories. The memories of those wrapped around her wrist, those who lost their lives.


"I heard the first explosion and comforted everybody around me and then the second explosion comforted people again. They started rushing everybody out of there, it was very scary loud, the ground shook," said Jones.


Maureen had just crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon before the bombs went off. The Med City Marathon is her first race since that attack.


"It’s emotional to think about what happened last month and of course I’ll never forget those events and what happened at the finish line," said Jones.


Maureen, along with many other runners, hoped to cross the finish line Sunday with a time that would qualify them to run in the Boston Marathon next year.


"I think a lot of people today ran Boston proud. A lot of people had friends out there and we didn't let it affect us," said Peg Arnold, Organizer of the Med City Marathon.


"I was saying the names of all the people that died in Boston during my race and thanking the heroes and thinking of all of the injured people and all the people in Boston and I had everybody with me right on my wrist," said Jones.


Maureen missed the qualifying time for the Boston Marathon by minutes, but plans to keep running marathons this year until she does. Her goal is to run in Boston next year to honor those who no longer can.