Posted at: 08/28/2013 12:05 PM

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At least 20 killed in Kenya clan violence

(AP) NAIROBI, Kenya - A Kenyan official says at least 20 people were killed in violence among rival clans in Kenya’s north.

Ukur Yattani, the governor of Kenya’s Marsabit county, said Wednesday that automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades were used in clashes between the Borana and Gabbra clans.

Yattani said the two groups as well as a third _the Burji_ have recently been fighting over water and pasture for their cattle.

Police spokesman Gatiria Mboroki said some houses were apparently set on fire but gave no death toll.

Kenya has stringent gun laws, and obtaining a license is difficult. But illegal guns are smuggled into the country through porous borders, especially from Somalia, Kenya’s volatile neighbor to the north.

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