Posted at: 07/19/2010 10:38 PM
By: Katie Lynn

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MN Man Says BP is Using His Idea to Cap Oil Spill

MN Man Says BP is Using His Idea to Cap Oil SpillOne week after 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS talked to Blake Mastin about his plans to plug the Gulf oil leak, he says BP is using his design and now he's ready to head to Capitol Hill to testify about it before congress.

Mastin showed us drawings of the hydraulic cap he designed to stop the oil from gushing in the Gulf.

He says shortly after our report, BP contacted him. Weeks later, a cap was placed on the well. Mastin says it was born of his design, but there is a problem. BP modified his cap, making it less effective.

Now Mastin is being called to Capitol Hill to testify on Wednesday. He's hoping to get the entire oil industry on board.

Senator Al Franken is even sending a staff member to Mastin's home to help him prepare for his testimony.

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