For the last four days we've dealt with bitter cold air.  Air temps ten to fifteen below zero and wind chills down around the -35 mark!  The cold isn't going anywhere.  More subzero nights are ahead.  But the focus isn't only on the frigid conditions, but also snow for Thursday.  And it's not just snow, it's the kind that likes to jump up at you and pelt you across the face!

That's right.  Snow and blowing snow are on the horizon for Thursday, especially in the afternoon and evening, especially across the flat lands of SE Minnesota and N Iowa.  It's a scenario that will likely leave travel impacted whether it's from slick roads due to snow blowing across or reduced visibility.

Another quick moving arctic system will be cutting across Minnesota into Wisconsin.  A cold front packing snow is due to cut through the Storm Tracker 6 local area in the early afternoon.  While the snow doesn't amount to too much (~1" or less), the uptick in wind will definitely be noticed.