Okay... round two.  I accidentally deleted my entire post after it was completely written.  Here's to the repost being as great as the original!

Our coldest air of the season is upon us.  And it's a little late this year too, as if you haven't noticed.

There's plenty going on over the next week in our forecast, but this first cold blast of the year will be a shock to the system and a very potent one.  So while there are a couple of storm systems to monitor before the cold arrives, I want to take the time to talk the cold.

After a fall that has been warm, very warm, record setting warm, we're eyeing some cold in the forecast.  Three of the last four months were top 10 warmest for their respective month!  Days 6-10  (Sunday-Wednesday) look to break that trend are looking cold with a pattern shift.  The latest forecast calls for a 70% chance of below average temperatures, which is a pretty good bet that we see cold air materialize.

And I agree.  The pattern taking over is likely to happen.  While the exact details will depend on what happens closer to the time period, what I can say is an arctic intrusion looks likely to happen.  Here's the setup.  The Jet Stream, shown here for Sunday should be running well to our south.  This will let an airmass into the area that will originate from north of the arctic circle.

Sub-zero temps are in our future.  And the wind component looks to be at play.  This means bitter wind chills too.  It all begins on Sunday.  So here's an early look at the range of temperatures and wind chills we are talking about depicted from our Storm Tracker computer model for 3 AM Sunday.

It's about time, right?  Mother Nature says so.  It's late in the season for our first sub-zero temperatures.  Very late.  If all goes as planned, on Sunday (January 10th) we'll slide into the number four spot  for the latest sighting of subzero in a season.  

While the exact details are still a bit in flux, please keep this cold on the mind as we get closer to the period.  At the conditions we are expecting frost bite can form on exposed skin in as little as 20-25 minutes.  It can also be deadly if stranded in conditions like these, inadequately prepared.

Of course this arctic blast just happens to coincide with the Seahawks/Vikings playoff game on Sunday.  If you're heading up for the game, be sure to dress very, very warmly.

Remember... there is more happening in the forecast prior to the cold air arriving.  There's some blowing snow potential for Tuesday as winds gust to 35 mph.  Then, it looks like we're in for a couple storm systems, one on Wednesday evening and another storm system arriving late Thursday which will last into Saturday morning.  Both of which look to be snow producers for us.  For more details on these storms, visit

Storm Tracker 6 Chief Meteorologist
Chris Kuball