A Place to Connect with Other Women Veterans

The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs held a special event for women veterans for the first time in Southeast Minnesota. The women were invited to Quarry Hill Nature Center for a walk and a program about mindfulness restoration. The event allowed these women a chance to connect with other female veterans, which is an opportunity not always easy to come by.


  • 15 Years After 9/11

    Ground zero has become a rebuilt World Trade Center, a place forever marked but greatly changed since Sept. 11, 2001. The nation around it is different, too. But victims' relatives and others will convene Sunday on the memorial plaza for one of the constants in how America remembers 9/11 after 15 years...

  • Woman In Iconic V-J Day Kiss in Times Square Passes Away

    The woman in an iconic photo shown kissing an ecstatic sailor in Times Square celebrating the end of World War II has died. Greta Zimmer Friedman was 92. Friedman, who fled Austria during the war as a 15-year-old, died Thursday at a hospital in Richmond, Virginia, from complications of old age...

  • U.S. Navy Gives Look Inside Futuristic $4.4B Zumwalt Destroyer

    The Navy gave a first look inside the stealthy and futuristic Zumwalt destroyer on Friday during the ship's first port stop at a Rhode Island naval station. The 610-foot-long warship has an angular shape to minimize its radar signature and cost more than $4.4 billion. It's the most expensive destroyer built for the Navy...

  • The Patriot Tour Rolls Through Southeast Minnesota

    Every year you'll find Greg Gassen riding in the Nation of Patriots tour to honor his son Jacob -- an army medic killed in Afghanistan during his first tour.

  • WWII dog tags found on beach in '66 returned to family

    ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) - It took 50 years for a Long Island woman to finally complete her quest to return a World War II veteran's lost dog tags she found on a New York City beach.

  • Tee It Up for the Troops Honors WWII Veteran, Gold Star Families

    Before teeing off there was a ceremony honoring both a World War II veteran and four Gold Star families who have lost their children while serving their country.

  • Ernie Andrus 93-Year-Old WWII Vet Ends Run Across American with Toes in Atlantic

    After two years and 10 months, 93-year-old Ernie Andrus has made it across America. The World War II veteran dipped his toes in the Atlantic Ocean Saturday morning, ending a cross-country run that started in San Diego. Local media reported that Andrus was surrounded...

  • Local Veterans Commemorate National Purple Heart Day

    National Purple Heart Day is a Congress approved holiday, recognizing veterans wounded or killed in combat. There are groups or chapters across the country that are just for these veterans, allowing them to connect over some common ground.