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  • Medical Edge: Flu Shots for Moms

    According to several recent studies, influenza infections in pregnant women may create potentially life-changing risks for their unborn children, such as bipolar disorder and autism.

  • Medical Edge: Breast Cancer Gene

    A small subset of the women who get diagnosed have inherited an abnormal copy of a gene that runs in families and can greatly increase their risk of certain cancers. 

  • Medical Edge: Breast Cancer

    For Cynthia Cycon, long distance running is a perfect metaphor for being a breast cancer survivor. Getting there is accomplished - one step at a time.

  • Medical Edge: Ovarian Cancer

    Mayo Clinic Obstetrics & Gynecology Ovarian says cancer has been called the silent killer, and the reason for that is the initial symptoms, if you will, may be very vague and nonspecific.