Supreme Court refuses to block Texas abortion law

A sharply divided Supreme Court on Tuesday allowed Texas to continue enforcing abortion restrictions that opponents say have led more than a third of the state’s clinics to stop providing abortions.
Updated: Nov 19, 07:05 PM

Justice Sotomayor faults Ala. death sentences

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor said Monday that partisan political elections for the Alabama courts appear to be driving judges’ decisions to impose death sentences, overruling juries that have voted to send defendants to prison for life.
Updated: Nov 19, 05:05 PM

Court to decide if company can try to block suit

The Supreme Court decided Friday to hear an appeal from Halliburton Co. that could make it more difficult for shareholders to sue companies for engaging in fraud to prop up stock prices.
Updated: Nov 18, 11:05 AM