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Morning Trivia Challenge

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Winners of the ABC 6 NEWS GOOD MORNING TRIVIA CHALLENGE will receive a certificate to Subway for a FREE regular 6 inch sub Sandwich.


This Final Four team's coach is known for his scowl, loyalty and unconventional rise as a collegiate coach. He's also the child of Cuban exiles.

Of the four teams playing inthe 2017 Final Four, which one has won the tournament the most?

The lowest seeded team to ever win "The Final Four" was?

The Final Four is coming to Minneapolis in 2019. When was the last time the city hosted the Championship game?

The 2016 Final Four winner lost in 2017 to this team in the second round.

True or False: Teams that make it to the Final Four, but not the championship game, play another game for 3rd place.

The powder that turns the Chicago River green on St. Patrick's Day, is actually what color before it goes into the water?

1 out of every 8 U.S. residents lives where?

NASA's headquarters for all piloted U.S. space projects is in what state?

The world's largest, indoor, warm water pool is located in what state?

This Minnesota based cerela company makes Crispy Rice, Honey Gram Squares, Rasin Bran and Corn Flakes.

The little marshmallow pieces in Lucky Charms Cereal is called?

Which Cereal is the most popular in the U.S.? it had over 500 million in sales in 2015.

Today is National Cereal Day! During an episode of Seinfeld, this character puts tomato juice on his cereal.