Morning Trivia Challenge

To participate in the Morning Trivia Challenge, tune in at 5:40 a.m. and 6:15 a.m. to see the question, then fill out the form below or email your answer to: , include your address and be sure to have your answers emailed before 6:30 am each day. The day's trivia question and answer will be posted online after the winner has been announced on air at 6:45am.

Winners of the ABC 6 NEWS GOOD MORNING TRIVIA CHALLENGE will receive a certificate to Subway for a FREE regular 6 inch sub Sandwich.

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On occasion, the President's heads on Mount Rushmore need some wrinkle relief. What is used to protect and maintain cracks on the monument?

Mount Rushmore is largely composed of this kind of rock.

True or False: Carving into mountain sides, like Mount Rushmore, is a modern day idea.

One in about how many Americans has appeared on television?

What was the first product to have a bar code?

Which planet is the only one that rotates clockwise?

Times Square is world famous for its New Year's Eve party. This holiday is next in line for a big celebration.

In Russia, many New Year's Eve celebrations include singing this song after listening to the Kremlin Clock bell ring at Midnight.

How many states have the same first letter as their capital?

What were Frosty's eyes made out of?

Why did Santa need Rudolph's red nose?

"Santa Baby" is a tongue-in-cheek Christmas song originally sung by this artist in 1953.

In 2013, Mariah Carey's Christmas hit "All I Want for Christmas is You", was reported to have earned this much in royalties.