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Morning Trivia Challenge

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Winners of the ABC 6 NEWS GOOD MORNING TRIVIA CHALLENGE will receive a certificate to Subway for a FREE regular 6 inch sub Sandwich.


One of the most valuable comic books is a June 1938 Action Comics worth $5.5 million. It's valuable because it was the first comic book to feature a superhero. Which superhero was it?

True or False: History shows a few female pirates did exist, but they often dressed as men.

For as long as goods have been shipped by sea, there have been pirates. Once a ship surrendered, pirates would take many items. Which of these was not typically found?

Upon his death, the Jamaican Government declared amnesty so other pirates could pay their respects to this former pirate turned politician.

Tuesday is Talk Like a Pirate Day! Name the pirate that is said to have inspired many plays, books and movies like Treasure Island and Pirates of the Caribbean.

True or False: South America is a hot bed for tropical storms, and regularly deals with hurricanes.

The Meteorological Service of Canada has a hurricane department. What is it called?

What is the longest a hurricane in the Atlantic has been a Category 5 storm?

Today is National New Hampshire Day! What is New Hampshire's state fruit?

Today is National Read a Book Day! Of these fiction authors, who has sold the most books?

Today is National Cheese Pizza Day. According to, the top 5 pizza sale days are: Super Bowl Sunday, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, the night before Thanksgiving and?

The official first year of the Minnesota State Fair was when?