Egypt officials defend law restricting protests

Egyptian government officials on Monday defended a new law that sharply restricts the right to protest as needed to bring security, trying to counter a storm of criticism from allies and opponents alike who say the rules stifle freedom of expression and endanger the country’s democratic transition.
Updated: Nov 25, 01:05 PM

Clashes in Libyan city of Benghazi kill 9

Clashes pitting soldiers and armed civilians against members of a militant Islamic group in Libya’s eastern city of Benghazi left nine dead early on Monday, officials said.
Updated: Nov 25, 12:35 PM

Separate attacks in Iraq kill 27

A double bombing at a market and other attacks across Iraq killed at least 27 on Monday, officials said.
Updated: Nov 25, 12:05 PM

Saudi: Iran nuclear deal possible ’initial step’

Saudi Arabia cautiously welcomed Monday a deal reached between world powers and Iran, describing it as a possible initial step toward reaching a comprehensive solution for Tehran’s nuclear program.
Updated: Nov 25, 09:35 AM

Israel to send envoy to US to discuss Iran deal

Israel’s prime minister says he will dispatch a top envoy to the United States in the coming days to discuss a final nuclear deal with Iran.
Updated: Nov 25, 09:05 AM